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"Enhance the quality of your life through Holistic Therapy"

This is how it works! The modalities used help assist the body into a harmonic state, which brings balance and removes emotional blockages. These blockages can be caused by past trauma, stressful workloads, negative or worried thought patterns and harboring anger and fear.
Once removed, this freedom allows the individual to see with more clarity and feel a deeper sense of peace. The individual can then use this renewed energy to take the next step in operating from the heart, which leads to a happier, healthier and more productive life. When we can give love freely, without judgment of others or ourselves, the spiritual nature of humankind can expand and grow exponentially. This is the true essence of the connection of body, mind, and spirit.

No one knows your deepest desires but you. One of the greatest reasons to explore your inner self through an open heart, is to "remember" your desires. Your thoughts create your reality. You have the potential to create an amazing world of wonder.

You are not alone. You are part of a dynamic universe where all things are connected. When you apply positive thinking and love, the right people begin to appear in your life. Your path becomes more clear. You begin to experience a sense of synchronicity. The beauty of the world starts to reflect in your life, taking on a whole new meaning.  ​

The first steps begin with releasing stress, removing energy blockages and getting back to your childlike essence. Peeling back subconscious layers of stagnation, allowing forgiveness to flow from you heart. This exploration will open the door and lead you on a personal spiritual journey. 

"We are all branches of the same tree. Allow the roots to grow deep and connect into 

                                                  Universal Oneness."      
                                                               - Zenzi Sky

"I have known Zenzi for a while now and have had several sessions with her. Each one has brought me closer to God. She has been a true inspiration. You leave with an amazing feeling of spiritual enlightenment and a new energy to face life on a daily basis. Zenzi's passion and belief system is unmatched. I highly recommend if you are going through a difficult time or looking for a spiritual lift, contact will experience peace, clarify and a new vision for your life. Don't her now. Your future self will thank you!"
                                                              -Bobby Carneal, via Facebook

Peace, Happiness and Mindfulness Meditation :)
At Root to Spirit, I'm dedicated to you!!! It's my intention to assist you in opening the door to self-love and living at your highest potential.

Utilizing holistic energy therapies like "Reiki Healing & Mindful Meditation" I assist the body back to balance, which allows peace and clarity to permeate the mind, body, and spirit. Join me and align with your True Self, it's calling you! ​

​​My desire is for everyone to experience a life full of  LOVE.

I aim to help root each person into their own powerful foundation. Its been my experience that operating from your heart brings a life full of joy!

​                                           -Zenzi Sky

One World, One Heartbeat 

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