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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"I came with tension and anxiety and left with an inner peace and calm I haven't had in quite sometime. It was enlightening and I learned a lot about myself. Zenzi is so full of life and love and she brings a certain calm spirituality to her sessions. It helped with so many questions I had about my spiritual journey and I was able to relax and learn in her beautiful studio during my session. She is definitely gifted by God!"

- Susan Baker Powers, via Facebook

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. Using Reiki Energy Medicine as a holistic healing modality, I assist the body back to a balanced and harmonic state, this assist with clarity and peace of mind. Words of wisdom and intuitive guidance is delivered after the session to assist in the direction and healing in ones life. 

During the session the client is fully clothed, lying on a massage table or yoga mat. A session can last from 60mins to 2hrs in length. 

All sessions can be customized to your specific needs


Intuitive Energy Therapy

 (30mins) $55   (60mins) $88

Angel Guidance Illumination Reading

(75mins) $111

~ Intuitive Energy Therapy - Anywhere/Anytime Heal and Align: A powerful modality of Reiki Energy Healing and Balancing accompanied with intuitive guidance that can be facilitated in the comfort of your own home. This session allows peace to permeate the mind, relaxation to flow through the body and the knowledge to guide your next steps. 

Documented notes are sent to you after the session ends!  30/60 mins

Angel Guidance Illumination Reading: unique form of Reiki Energy Medicine to clear, balance and align the chakras while working to illuminate the aura. During the session a signature crystal body grid is created, as well as specialized angel guidance with documented notes of the session that are sent to you upon completion. 75 mins

ENERGY SESSIONS (IN PERSON) With Intuitive Guidance

(60mins) $111  ~  (90mins) $144  ~  (120mins) $177

  Foot Detox Bath (30mins) $33

*Offered in FL Only

Sacred Geometry Chakra Clear: Sacred geometry accredits symbolic and sacred meanings to certain geometric shapes. When using these symbols over the body it amplifies the healing experience. During the session these shapes are used over the chakra centers to balance the energy and remove mental and emotional blockages.

60/90/120 mins

Gemstone Vibrational Chakra Balancing:Gemstone healing is an alternative holistic technique in which crystals and other stones are placed over corresponding chakras. They are used as vibrational conduits for healing and harmonizing the body's natural energy flow. This session assists in aligning and balancing the body.

60/90/120 mins

Sound Vibration Therapy: Ground and revitalize your body, mind and spirit through ancient Native American Drumming, Crystal Bowls and/or Tibetan Singing Bowls. Experience this renewed energy through the healing vibration of sound.

60/90/120 mins

~ Foot Detox Bath: Sit back & relax, listen to a guided meditation while helping the body release toxins and environmental pollutants using the ionic foot bath.

30 mins *Offered in FL Only

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