I have been following what I have experienced as a life changing path since 2006. That was my first meditation experience and my first trip to Sedona, Arizona. Since then, I have been making annual trips to Sedona and many other beautiful places to connect and root into the beauty of what this amazing world has to offer. I have taken numerous people over the years, and they too have felt the healing magic these places carry. I'm in love with the energy of the earth; the mountains call to my spirit, and it's a place of healing, balancing and refocusing. A realigning to the divine path.

Reconnecting with the simplistic, yet powerful energy of mother earth allows peace, inner-wisdom and healing to permeate the body, mind and spirit. I find such peace and beauty in this amazing land and I LOVE to share that with others. It's an honor to assist them back into peaceful balance, reconnecting them with the true nature of their hearts. 

  Are you seeking spiritual healing and fulfillment? Peace of body and mind? … Your true nature is pure love energy, and once you decide to reconnect to your true-self, emotional, mental and physical healing can take place.

In my experience, guiding people through holistic healing therapies in these magical places magnifies emotional healing and allows us the opportunity to recognize and honor the need to connect with spirit. 

Whether you attend a private or group retreat, you'll re-claim and strengthen your sense of self and reconnect with that inner child, becoming the curious explorer you’ve always dreamed to be! 

 Now is the time to experience a transformation that will change your life! These Private and Group Retreats are meant to re-ignite the joy in your life...

Take the steps and reclaim your magic!!!

Specific Retreat Information Below:

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November 1st-3rd 2019 (Sedona, Arizona)

​July 19th-21st 2020 (Hot Springs, North Carolina)

Private Retreats tailored specifically to YOU and YOUR GROUP

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Retreats are for both men and women, unless specified.  

Get ready for an adventure!

(To create a personal experience for each guest, space is limited. Reserve your spot today!!!)

  Retreats consist of:

Hiking, meditation, vibrational sound therapy, reiki energy healing, chakra balancing, gentle lymphatic yoga, wellness workshops, exploring, meeting new friends, wine tasting, free time and more!!! 

It's time to rejuvenate on every level :)


The private retreats can be 3 days to 7 days depending on your travel schedule and needs. 

I work with you to arrange the perfect, focused healing excursion.

Let me know what your needs are and we'll create an empowering, uplifting and transformative experience!

​"A week of bliss, a rejuvenating retreat, a soul reboot! For me the week with Zenzi in Sedona was all of that…and more. It was the perfect balance of spiritual retreat, hiking, wine tasting (yes, Sedona is a young and upcoming wine region), relaxation, and just good old fun-filled belly laughter. Zenzi’s intimate knowledge of, and love for the area unlocked for me its beauty. It inspired awe and gratitude for the sunrises, the sunsets and everything in between. I came back from the retreat with a renewed sense of purpose, spiritual clarity and a soul connection with a fellow life-traveler. Zenzi, thanks for sharing with me your gentle humanity and infectious enthusiasm for life. You have inspired me with grounded spirituality and unconventional wisdom. I have gained a friend and look forward to many more trips."

- Alewyn Mouton, Ontario Canada - Via Facebook


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​​It's an honor to assist you on this magical journey to soul illumination!

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