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You can make a difference in someone's life. This action is very rewarding. There are many ways to support and give assistance to others on their journey. Energetic and Charitable Giving are a couple ways to make a difference.
Be open to give, and the loving-kindness that you have sent out to others will be returned to you amplified. Give from a place of unconditional love and non-judgement, asking for nothing in return. This is the place of true "giving".

"Practice Loving-Kindness to people and to other beings creates Good Karma. Help other people and treat people fairly." 
- Master Choa Kok Sui

Meditation and Prayer are especially good to use for energetic giving. Also, something as simple as holding the door for someone or anonymously paying for coffee is a good way to give and make a difference in someone's day. This activates your heart and opens the door for your own personal joy and healing. 

​Donations to charitable organizations gives assistance to those in need. There are many non-profit foundations that are dedicated to people experiencing hardships. Be open to assisting those in need. Expand your heart. Find something that makes your spirit sing! There's nothing more rewarding.

Love is our true nature.
Love and forgiveness heals. 

You attract what you put out. 
Send out Love!

​​Here are some organizations that we love!!! Happy giving!

The Chameleon Project non-profit organization is a development plan of a towering pyramidal complex serving as an unprecedented sanctuary of wisdom, as well as a natural wellspring of peace. Share in the joy of creating this beautiful and inspiring oasis of gardens!
The Chameleon Project is a proposed development, the product of a series of visions experienced by Chief Bearcloud, a Native American master artist and owner of Bearcloud Gallery in Sedona, Arizona.
This unusual, mystical, pyramid structure is being designed to be enjoyed by simply taking a stroll through endless, ever-changing gardens created in an array of geometric designs. Amid this sanctuary one can also enjoy a deeper journey into its innate ancient wisdom and symbolic language. We envision ethereal doorways for one to journey into the noetic sciences or the meaning of universal fractal imagery, or explore the deepest nature of the earth and universe.

The Bridges of Light Foundation was established in 2004 with an objective to raise money that is distributed specifically for children who have been abandoned, abused, neglected or at-risk. The funds raised go directly to helping these children further their education. The Bridges of Light Foundation assists through nurturing, mentoring, and tutoring. 

Conservation Efforts committed to elephant preservation. A few of my favorites:
International Elephant Foundation 
Elephant Care International
The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
African Wildlife Foundation
Amboseli Elephant Research Project

MCKS Charitable Foundation. This organization helps to provide food, medicine and shelter to those in need throughout the world. Other programs include job training for impoverished mothers, legal assistance for those whose basic human rights have been violated, and emergency disaster relief.

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Every act of unconditional love echo's in eternity