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Elements Of Success

Everyday Warrior Workshop

With Zenzi Sky & Master Scott 'Akitoshi' Bragg

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​This unique blended workshop will promote both inner and outer growth, while installing a confident approach to living a balanced, self-fulfilling life. Meet Master Scott Akitoshi Bragg and his dynamic yet practical way to infuse power and self-confidence through the elements of movement, breath and sound. This dynamic workshop will be combined with a grounded strengthening meditation to gain confidence and empowerment.

Join us and root into the potential of limitless possibilities and the joy of spontaneous creativity! 

Earth: Learn the principle of ‘Holding Your Ground with Confidence’ and ‘Commanding Your Space’.

Water: Learn about scientifically gathering physical energy/information while positioning yourself to respond effortlessly.

Fire: Taking preemptive action, intercepting conflict before it becomes out of control and with confidence, shut down and resolve potentially negative encounters. 

Wind: You’ll learn the ideas of giving up space to win and how to take action and always be one step ahead! 

(This class will be done sitting in a chair.)

Hosted By: Root To Spirit
Located IN:
Summerport Community
Windermere, FL 34786

Address given after registration. 

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