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 "It is with the most joy filled heart, full of appreciation, love and awe that I share the most awesome experience I had during my session with my new, dear friend. Nothing short of past, my present, who I am, why I am...all I am and all I strive to be. Confirmation of my thoughts and feelings, affirmation of my beliefs. I've never felt so connected, led and assured. So much so, that several of my friends are now experiencing or are soon to experience her gifts. I will forever be grateful, thankful and faithful. Thank you, Zenzi, for being the light, love and connection to the divine, you are."

-Karen Martino, via Facebook

​​Zenzi Sky is a women of the earth, her life's work to help restore balance in others' lives by serving as an advocate for heart-healing and self-love mastery. She combines energetic therapies with her love of the outdoors to help others connect and grow in a productive way.

As a child, Zenzi experienced a challenging up bringing and as she moved through young adulthood, learned to harness those times and convert them into lessons of compassion and strength that is communicated through her actions on a daily basis. She loves to bring this position of power and understanding to everyone she meets. Fueled by the desire to help others find the love and light that flows through all things, she has delved deeply into her Native American roots and implements their sacred teachings to catapult her own understanding and share this exciting journey with her clients. ‘Self-discovery', 'Creating a platform for elevating peace', ‘Compassion', and 'Finding joy in ones life’…these are but a few of the driving principles that motivates Zenzi to follow her dreams and share her unique experiences.

  She travels the world learning, exploring and absorbing each magical adventure while creating workshops, retreats and personal one-on-one sessions, to share her gifts to those working on improving the quality of their own lives. This, Zenzi finds, is the most gracious and satisfying way of walking the path…

   Experience  ~  Embrace  ~  Enhance   

​"Elevate the quality of your life through Holistic Therapy"

"When your mind is clear and in a place of stillness,

creativity, inspiration and love is born."

-Zenzi Sky

Reiki Healing - Mindfulness Meditation - Chakra Meditation - Energy Balancing -- Spiritual Advocacy - Zen Living - Loving Compassion

​​​Root to Spirit, Inc.

Zenzi is President and Owner of Root To Spirit, Inc.
-Reiki Energy Master Practitioner, Certified by The International Center for Reiki Training through William Rand.
-Yoga Instructor, Laughter Leader Coach, Certified RYT 200 through Edely Wallace (Creator and author of Lymphatic Yoga).

-Therapist & Practitioner in The Akashic Records, Certified by The Mystery School through Amanda Romania.
-Ordained Minister and Spiritual Advocate through Universal Life Church Ministries and Christian National Church Outreach Program. 
-Specializing in Mindful Meditation Transformation, Crystal Bowl Vi Angelic Crystal Grids, Sacred Geometry and Symbols for healing and body balancing.

-Intern with the Ni-U-Ko’n-ska Tribe and enjoys hiking, traveling, and organic gardening. ​